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    Music is a melodious form which is created by various instruments to form a healing sound to the soul. Music is an eternal form of art, which is more absorbed by the humans than anything else. Listening to music has proved beneficial in many ways to humans. Someone said it right, “Music is what feelings sound like”! Yes, music gives life to our emotions. We become more expressive and this art of music helps in bringing out our expressions well.

  • You like a music because your emotion is brought out via them. You listen to happy songs when you are happy and little broken heart songs when you are depressed. Mostly observed patterns are they, and the reason is, we can’t express ourselves exactly the way we want to, but music helps us come out of them. Certain music makes us cry for no reason; they are tailored with so much precision.

  • Music has different views by different people, but music is the only language which everyone can understand. Talk about the latest music improvements or the latest musical instrument you played, and see the crowd who are around you. You will be amazed to see that you will have many people flocking around to have an opinion and converse. Instrumental music without lyrics become the universe to our souls where mind gets its wings to fly across, run with their imaginations and live a life of their choice, absolutely free and without any obstacles, relaxed in its purest form. Music to a depressed soul is a blissful experience and music has healed many such suffering heart, souls and bodies.

  • Learning music is found to be very helpful. Learning musical instruments too has helped people in many ways. It improves the concentrating ability in children, memory power, as they need to know which string produces what sound or how to exactly reproduce the same sound again. Music is a teacher in itself, a giver of experiences and it doesn’t need any extra words to connect and talk, just the vibrations gets the universe of a person together.

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