Music and its Instruments

Can we imagine a world without music? It’s next to impossible. We hear to music in form or the other every day. We can’t separate music from our life. We listen to songs when we are happy or even when we are sad. We listen to them when we feel excited too. We have a set of music which we prefer to hear at different scenarios of life. Music is a form of art which can only be experienced than explained.
Close your eyes and play on your fav music, forget the world and deeply listen to the music, see the magic that happens to you.

You connect to your inner soul; you will feel elated, tranquil and connected. We hope you are aware of stories of Lord Krishna, how he mesmerised even the animals with his tiny flute music, such is the power of music.

Well, when we talk about music, we must also be aware of its origin. Do you know about musical instruments? Oh! Yes. That’s great, but do you all of them? You might one of them or few, we shall take a tour about the musical instruments that exist and how they are classified.

So the next time you will know what’s your liking and you may hear only to particular of them or even try learning them.
There are many different instruments, each creating a different music when played, and their playing ways to differ. Common read and learn how each instrument is played. Each instrument is classified under a category, but few of them have similar qualities of 2 categories and thus they can’t be classified into one single category. But we are giving you here, the best of our knowledge description of instruments. The classification is as follows:


This word reminds of guitar, violin to all of us! These instruments produce sounds when their strings are plucked or bowed, based on the instrument. These string instruments cause vibrations which in turn produce sound from the attached string and the music is heard. Guitar, Sitar, lute and mandolin are the string instruments that are to be plucked to play.

You may use a tiny piece of instrument to pluck, or just your nails or fingers are enough to create the magical sound. Every string gives a different sound, so magical. Instruments like piano are to be stroked to create sounds. You bow a violin to create sounds. Though they all are string instruments, each one has a different unique and peculiar sound of their own.


  • Percussions

    Who wouldn’t love hitting those drums and singing along?  Children love playing drums, they just can’t wait to grab these instruments and start playing. Yes, Drums are percussion instruments. These are those instruments which produce sound when they are hit. Few other instruments also fall under this category though they are to be shaken to create sounds, like maracas. This family of instrument are believed to be the oldest among the others accompanied by human voices.
  • Many countries like Africa or even Asian countries use this instrument in creating a magical sound, which has become a part of their regular life cycle. These instruments are also a part of orchestra, without which the musical program becomes incomplete. Other percussion instrument includes Chimes, Cymbals, and Xylophone etc.

    The Key hitting instrument

    Keyboard is similar like to percussive instrument, where you hit or strike to create sound. You tap different keys to produce different sounds. Here the key press produces a vibration and when you know the vibration, by controlling them and the key, you produce music of your imagination and thoughts.
    We hope this info about the instruments which are a reason for the magical spell of life was useful.


Haven’t you played these instruments, at the school band or just for fun at a friend’s party? They are fun to play and great to hear. The wind instruments are those which create music when air is blown through them. Instruments like flute, clarinet, piccolo and others are wind instruments. Wind instruments are little easy to play, and the music is always melodious. The pitch of the sound varies from where you place the instrument, and the point where air is blown.


There are chambers to blow the air through them, and there are many chambers, blowing in each one gives a different pitch and you can vary the music alternating between them. There are brass wind instruments too, which makes a little heavier sound compared to the wood ones, like trumpet. They work on principle where the valves that are closed create sound and not the ones that are covered by your fingers.

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